Friday, November 10, 2006

British and Chilean students visit ZJGSU

The 22-person delegation of North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI), the University of Wales from the UK and the 14-person delegation of Universidad de Vina del Mar from Chile started their visit to our university from November 1 for two weeks and three weeks respectively. During their visit, all the international students will take part in our Spoken English Promotion Project(SEPP) for 4 hours in the afternoon or in the evening every working day and learn the Chinese language, culture and business in the morning.Since early September this semester, we have hosted seven delegations of 120 students and faculty members from the Philippines, Bangladesh, the UK and Chile in the SEPP on our campus. The SEPP has greatly promoted the initiative of practicing spoken English among our students, improved their spoken English and helped them to have a better understand of the outside world. In addition, it has contributed to the foreign students¡¯ understanding of today¡¯s changed China. So far it has been a win-win project between ZJGSU and overseas universities. Through the SEPP, some long-term exchange programs will be established and expanded.

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