Friday, November 24, 2006

China: Thank you very Much! UVM & UV-CHILE

Traveling is something special. It takes one out of their usual form of life and lets us see the world in a different way. Almost everything is foreign to us in China, a far away land, the most populated on Earth with cities full of people. It is possible that an old man is seated in the door of his home, very proud of his family and respected by it. It is this town that will tell us a lot by observing it. Perhaps it is no longer the same one that we imagined in novels like Pearl Buck, with its good and sometimes not so good land, but we will be able to perceive a nation with legitimate aspirations and a firm Will to obtain a better destiny.

Our university students have experienced an adventure with new and unexpected situations. The best part of this adventure has been the union of two universities of the region, the University of Viña del Mar and the University of Valparaiso. They have learned from the Old World that it is more important to be united instead of competing. Beyond sparing competition they will be hand in hand living a history that will stay in their memories and one in which they will not forget for the rest of their lives. They have met new faces and established grand friendships that, throughout time, will be secured by the gestures of these new friends. Many triumphs will come from this. The events that occurred there, the many experiences lived, will be the wise inherence of an ancient town that has much to teach us.

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